About company


“Chechenskiye Mineralniye Vody” LLC is a young and professional team with clear objectives and vision.

In January 2007 “Chechenskiye Mineralniye Vody” had developed a project for construction of a modern water production plant using state-of-the-art technologies and up to the highest world standards. It was decided to build the plant close to the source of water. OnJune 1, 2008 the first bottle of mineral water rolled off the production line.

Today “Chechenskiye Mineralniye Vody” is a high-tech manufacturing enterprise, one of mostly advanced factories in Russia featuring complete atomization of all processes and auxiliary operations which allows us to guarantee the highest quality of our products. The company has implemented an effective QC system which complies with the requirements of international standards. Within the market environment quality management system and product safety are of paramount importance. HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) is the most efficient quality management system ensuring safety of products recognized in all advanced industrial countries.

In EU countries it is mandatory that all companies in food industry have this system implemented. Our factory uses equipment for aseptic cold filling of juices and tea beverages in PET bottles (KHS Germany). This technology enable stop using preservatives and pasteurization in ready-made packages and supply high-quality products to the market. The factory operates the best available equipment, ingredients and packaging supplied from all over the world (KHS, Doehler, Firmenich, Wild, Bericapetc.). Total production and storage are a amounts to 14.5 thousand m2. Apart from that the company uses three warehouses in the territory of the Chechen Republic. We have our own vehicles which enables us to solve any logistical problem within a short period of time. The plant production capacity is 150 mln bottles per year. The company “Chechenskiye Mineralniye Vody” is the only exporter of food products in the Chechen Republic.

At present the products of  “Chechenskiy eMineralniye Vody” are available in stores in different regions of Russia which became possible due to a wide network of distributors all over the country.


To promote healthy lifestyle through supplying natural drinks produced without the use of any chemical syntheticdyes, fillers, GMOetc.

Everytime you see our product you can be sure it was produced with all the due competence and responsibility of our employees and global suppliers in order to meet the highest quality standards.

At our factory we invest a lot of knowledge and experience in the development of every new product. We are proud that so many members of our team were there at the beginning of the company and are still as committed.

During development of new recipes we prepare dozens of mixtures in order to find the perfect combination of ingredient and discover the flawless taste.


Only the best

We cooperate with only the best and reliable suppliers of ingredients, rawmaterial, packaging etc.


Our strategy- High quality product at affordable price!

The company specializes in the production of 100% natural juices, nectars, highly carbonated non-alcoholic drinks, ice teas, mineral and potable waters. The corporate strategy consists in further modernization of production processes, retaining the leading position on the republican market, extension and renewal of product range by implementing new filling technologies.